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Friday, June 4, 2010

Critical Thinking

"It is difficult to determine the exact number of HWCs used in schools nationwide and the way they have been used to improve teaching and learning, simply because the technology is still new in education."
When I read into this statement I begin to understand exactly what is trying to be said. Technology keeps growing daily, before long what everyone used to know will more than likely be in the past. With computers and handhelds you never know what they are going to come up with next. In society, as well as schools, people are constantly trying to adjust and keep up with new technology. Will we ever get ahead? This becomes the big question that seems to need to be answered.
As a student I love the fact that America seems to always be ahead in the technology race. Are we really helping our students by never seeming satisfied with our technology? I have never really given it much thought until I began to read this article. Exactly what advantage is this if every generation seems to be on top of a different source of technology? Do we not want all of our population to be on even grounds? I think the answer lies more within opinions than anything. Sure people do not want to be left behind but if they do then it is by their own choice in my opinion.

"Instructors’ and researchers’ reflection and observational notes indicated that in all three courses, using HWCs for delivering instruction changed the class dynamics from a primarily lecture-driven, large group discussion to a more interactive and student-involved learning environment."
This statement is where I start to become focused on the facts that are at hand. Do we really want to leave all of our education needs up to technology? I think that teachers are getting paid to teach and that they should be the primary source of learning. As a student I know that with teacher intervention I have been much more successful versus learning everything through technology. As a society I think that in some instances teachers take the easy way out with this and become lazy. This is not always the case but the more that technology grows the less need for an actual teacher than we may need.
I do see the need for technology in the classroom. Like I previously had stated I do not see the need to get left behind. To what degree does this become acceptable and to what degree do you decide for yourself that you are too far behind to catch up. I know people from older generations like at kids and younger people with their technology and turn up their noses. I see more jealousy than anything because people have let everything technical in the world pass them by.

"Students’ overall attitude and comfort level measured by five close-ended items in the attitude survey indicated that students felt positive about using HWCs during classroom instruction and that they enjoyed having an opportunity to use this new technology."
With more experience comes compatibility and helps students become more comfortable with what they are using. Obviously the more someone does something the better they will be at it and feel experienced in most cases. With some classroom instruction and step by step processes I feel that is the most efficient way to go about teaching these sorts of things. Doing something for the first time of course the students are going to like the new feel good feeling that comes with it. With step by step instructions it seems that no student will be left behind.
In relation to these things I would have to say that this reminds me of my first few tries at using computers in elementary. All of the older kids seemed to catch on to what was trying to be taught, but younger students were more amazed with the fact that we were actually allowed to use them versus knowing anything about them. We would do simple tasks with the computers and learn how to use the word processor. Along with this we saw the difference between the PC computers and the Apple. I will never forget the looks of those new blue computers.
My only question is: Do students nowadays feel the same way that I felt when I was introduced to my first computer? Pushing articles like this I stop to wonder if that might be the case. In many instances I see students wanting to learn but in others I see fascination in the tasks that they are being asked to accomplish. Is the weight of the burden more than enough at the age they are being taught? I guess the only way technology is going to go is up and will never stop growing. So the best offense is a good defense and my defense is to be prepared for anything.

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