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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emerging Technology 2

Emerging Technology 2

My second piece of technology that I am going to be demonstrating on how to sign up is twitter. Twitter is a social networking site that lets its users post messages to let their follows know what they are up to. A lot of famous athletes and people have twitter and they use them daily. Twitter was invented in 2006 and since then has attracted over 100 million members. However you can follow anyones twitter account and this could be helpful following teachers and classmates to see what they are up to. For instance finding out about review sessions for tests and help with certain homework. Twitter is very self explanatory and very user friendly. Once you get the hang of how to add different people and create your own site then it becomes even more easier.

To acces twitter just go to , go to the top right corner and click on join and fill out the necessary information. My user name is PHILJMETZ24.

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