Full Name: Philip Jerome Metz
Birthday: December 20, 1988
Eyes & Ears: Brown
Height: 6'4''

Friday, May 28, 2010


1. Podcasting- "Gabcast"

2. Gabcast is an internet podcasting program. It provides 5 free minutes before one must purchase more minutes to use when posting your own podcasts. After you post podcasts you automatically start receiving feedback and then people will ask to subscribe to your "channel". Overall it is a way to make your own podcasts and post them to the internet. As far as what Gabcast does, by embedding a flash audio player, you can talk to friends, family and peers through the online program. Also you can record interviews, record greetings, and also you can speak your mind politically for example. This is very useful because it gives examples and has a wide variety of ways to communicate WORLDWIDE.

3. From personal experience I would consider Gabcast is user friendly. I started out learning how to navigate the site and learn what it has to offer by using the tabs along the top. The overview tab answers a lot of questions and gives examples of the Gabcast's possibilities. It also describes exactly how to get started which is HOW I learned to create Gabcast.

This is the link to my very own Gabcast -


  1. I'm not sure that your link is working. I can't click on it and when I did a cut-n-paste, it went to a generic gabcast page and not your specific page. Check it out for us?

  2. I agree, you may want to add the hyperlink option to your address. But thank you for the tips you were helpful.

  3. good tips but I also couldn't get the link to work.

  4. I enjoyed your explanation of what gabcast is I thought it had a lot of good details and technical phrases.